My Favorite Toys Christmas 2011

My friends and family know that I love toys. I keep the most interesting ones on my office desk. For Christmas 2011, I received two toys that I think are just awesome.

The first one is a creative construction kit called Playable Metal. I got the Infinity Model S, which is a collection of aluminum blocks in various shapes (shown at the left). What makes this kit really special is that the pieces are made of aluminum alloy, with a high quality production and finish. These are solid hunks of aluminum and they look and feel just awesome. You bolt two pieces together using special screws that are threaded at both ends, but with reverse threads so that turning it (with a special hex wrench provided) tightens both blocks together at the same time. One example of the result is the object above.

This is a really cool creative desk toy for your inner engineer (for those of you who have an inner engineer, I suppose! I know I do.)

The second toy is Perplexus, a three-dimensional work of art where you have to manuever a small steel ball through a series of ramps, spirals, and drops. At the web link, you can watch a video that gives you an excellent idea of how it works. You can buy the maze ball in three difficulty levels; the one pictured here is the original, with a medium difficulty level. I found it pretty challenging! If you want to start easier, try the “Rookie” and if you’re really ambitious, you can try the extra hard one called “Epic.”



What are your favorite cool toys for creative adults?

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Toys Christmas 2011

    1. I just checked them both out, and they look wonderful! Cuboro is a decades-old marble track construction set made of wooden blocks. Cubelets is a just-released robotic construction kit where all of the components are cubes. I recommend watching the Cubelets video, it is hilarious (and also fascinating).

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