What Criminals Can Teach Us About Creativity

A few weeks ago, I posed the question “Is Creativity Research Elitist?”. I pointed out that creativity researchers have studied high-class Western European creativity, but they’ve neglected working class creativity–like custom motorcycle mechanics, or small-town preachers writing sermons. Right on cue, a new book’s just been published making basically the same point. The Misfit Economy argues that criminals… Read More What Criminals Can Teach Us About Creativity

Is Creativity Research Elitist?

I’m beginning to think that creativity research is elitist. Exhibit A: The most prominent historical studies of creativity focus on high-status individuals: top art schools, Nobel-prize winning scientists; corporate CEOs. Howard Gardner’s book on creativity studied Freud, Einstein, Picasso, Stravinsky, Eliot, Graham, and Ghandi. Exhibit B: Simon Kyaga’s highly publicized studies (2011, 2012) about creativity and… Read More Is Creativity Research Elitist?