12 CEO Leadership Tips

Everyone moving into a leadership position should closely read these 12 tips, from the experienced CEOs of Northwestern University and Lewis & Clark College. They resonate with all of the other advice I’ve heard (and read) from CEOs over the years:

  1. Think first, talk later. Everything you say will be taken literally.
  2. Talk less, listen more. This is especially true for a new leader brought in from outside.
  3. Show up. Every constituency wants you to be physically in the room on important occasions.
  4. Engage veteran employees. You want them on your side and you’ll learn from them.
  5. Don’t ignore the staff.
  6. Customers want to be consulted. You don’t always have to do what customers want, but you do need to seek their input.
  7. Answer nearly all messages. Sending a reply will save you trouble down the road.
  8. Use the board of trustees or directors. The board is your boss, and if you don’t like that, keep your resume up to date.
  9. Community relations matter. Bad relations with the local community can interfere with everything. Any effort you make will be graciously accepted and rewarded.
  10. Don’t take things personally. Many bad things are going to happen, and you will be blamed for most of them. Most of the attacks have more to do with the attacker than with you. Don’t beat yourself up.
  11. Don’t believe the hype. Hyping short-term success can undermine long-term progress.
  12. Don’t neglect your health. You will be fed constantly at meetings and events. Reserve time to enjoy your life. Act like a president and take control of your schedule.

From Barry Glassner, Lewis & Clark College, and Morton Schapiro, Northwestern University. WSJ April 29, 2014, p. A15.

4 thoughts on “12 CEO Leadership Tips

  1. 13. Use your creativity in all matters.
    14. Be observably caring.
    15. Resist premature closure.
    16, Tolerate ambiguity
    17. Take smart risks when appropriate.
    18. Be nice when you can; firm when you must–like a good steak: nice and firm.
    Keith, I am sure you have further additions…

  2. Hi my name is Keith gouwens I was recently pushed into a position of management of the the job of worked at on for 6 months I’ve been following these tips religiously even the 13 to 18 ones added in comments and I have had nothing but success but it seems like I have so many people who envy me or flat out seem to hate me my bosses seem to love my work so far but like I said all the people I manage about 38 people seem to have it out for me wat can I do to change that or make it better

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