The Davos Audience

Davos Day 2

I participated in my first Davos session, a dinner session Wednesday night about design thinking and the CEO, a full house with about 40 people at five tables. Bob Sutton of Stanford did an excellent job of moderating the event.

A couple of tentative observations about those in attendance: First, there is a truly diverse mix of people. They seem to broadly divide into the more political and policy sphere, and the more business and management sphere. The session topics also fall into these broad categories. (The three sessions I’m participating in are all in the business and management area.)

I suspect that a lot of the executives are here not only for networking, but also for a high-level form of executive education. For example, several of the CEOs in our dinner session were hoping to learn more about design thinking–specific techniques and strategies for making it work in their organization. Others in attendance had already shifted their organizations to design thinking, and they were there to share observations and stories.

This was a new session topic for Davos. It’s an important topic and the interest was strong. What worked for me was the extremely diverse range of backgrounds, industries, and perspectives in the room.

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