New Edition of Creativity Book

This summer, I’m finishing the second edition of my creativity textbook, Explaining Creativity. The first edition, published in 2006, had 16 chapters from a variety of scientific perspectives–psychology, of course, but also anthropology, history, and sociology.

I’m writing new chapters on the following topics:

  • Creativity and education
  • Assessment of creativity
  • Neuroscience of creativity (brain imaging studies)
  • Two chapters on the creative cognition approach

Also, I’m completely rewriting all of the other chapters to incorporate the latest research.

So for those of you who know the first edition, or for those instructors who have used it in a college course, what would you like to see in the second edition?

4 thoughts on “New Edition of Creativity Book

  1. Hi, Great to hear that you are updating the book! I will be particularly looking forward to read the chapter about neuroscience.
    When do you think the book will be out in the shops?

  2. I won’t finish for another month or two, then it will take about 9 nine months to go through production and be published. Of course, I’ll announce that event on this blog!

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