What Americans Think About Creativity

I just read the results of a fascinating new survey of 2,040 adult U.S. consumers, conducted online in April for TIME Magazine, Microsoft, and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). #strangebedfellows

First of all, Americans value creativity in others more than just about any other characteristic:

TIME 2013 survey 1








And although 83% of people say creativity is important in their job, a whopping 91% say it’s important in their personal life.

Fifty percent of people think creatively in pictures, only 34% in words. And 4% think creatively in sound…probably the musicians!

For you students and teachers out there: 62% say that creativity is more important to job success than they thought it would be when they were in school.

*If you follow the link below to the online article, you’ll discover that the survey is connected to a conference held on April 26, 2013, hosted by the MPAA, called “The Creativity Conference,” and you can watch video excerpts there (including of President Bill Clinton).

Jeffrey Kluger, “Assessing the Creative Spark,” TIME Magazine May 20, 2013.