Sequestration Rhymes

A protest against the automatic budget cuts, known as “sequestration,” is taking place today in Chicago. The organizers had lots of trouble coming up with catchy protest chants. Here’s the best they could come up with (according to the Wall Street Journal):

  • Thank you for the irritation, We say no to sequestration
  • We have major detestation, for your idea of sequestration
  • Congress should have sterilization, when they thought of sequestration
  • Hey we ask for dispensation, from your fast, called sequestration (you have to understand Lent to get this one)
  • Congress needs some liquidation, they dreamed up this sequestration.


*Elizabeth Williamson, March 20 2013, “Demonstration against sequestration has reasons, but few rhymes.” Wall Street Journal page A1. (Awesome headline, by the way!)