Adhocism: The Case for Improvisation

I’ve just returned from Philadelphia, where I gave a half-day workshop on collaboration and innovation–to a very impressive group of mid-level executives working in the education sector. They were students in a part-time doctoral degree program called the “Chief Learning Officer” program–a business education for folks who work on education, training, and learning. We have… Read More Adhocism: The Case for Improvisation

Jugaad and Bricolage

Business Week* reports on a management fad from India, that goes by a Hindi slang word, jugaad (say joo-gaardh). It means “an improvisational style of innovation”. It’s “inexpensive invention on the fly”. It sometimes has negative connotations, like cutting corners. The idea is that it doesn’t have to be perfect or fancy; it’s just good… Read More Jugaad and Bricolage