Apple iPhone

This week my Palm Treo 650 died and I replaced it with an Apple iPhone. These first few days, I have to say I’m very impressed. It far surpasses the Treo 650 (which cost $499 compared to the iPhone’s $199). Also, by coincidence, this week I read a 2007 Fast Company article about Apple titled… Read More Apple iPhone

The Innovation Exchange

Today’s conference at Washington University, called the Innovation Exchange, brought together top scholars and business leaders to think collaboratively about fostering innovation.  It was hosted by our new Institute for Innovation and Growth.  Keynote speakers included: Bill Peck (former Dean of Washington U. Medical School and founder of Innovate St. Louis) Carliss Baldwin (Professor at… Read More The Innovation Exchange

Innovation = Learning

Innovation is the flavor of the month; has been for more than a few months now.  Organizational learning is another management trend–it refers to the ability of an organization to learn–to become more effective over time, to develop new knowledge and retain it to respond to future situations.  What both innovation and learning have in… Read More Innovation = Learning

The Creative Industries Around the World

This last week, I visited the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a United Nations agency based in Geneva. I was the lead-off speaker of a two-day conference called “Intellectual property and the creative industries.” By “creative industries” they mean money-making ventures based in the creative process: the primary topics of discussion were movies, music, and… Read More The Creative Industries Around the World