Second Anniversary: Two Years of Creativity Blogs

Just over two years ago today, I started this blog.  It seems like yesterday!  And now, here we are with 78 posts, 258 comments, and upwards of 3,000 hits each month.

I’ve enjoyed it and plan to keep going strong! My goal remains the same as two years ago: to bring to your attention new research and ideas that you are unlikely to find elsewhere, and always with a solid grounding in scientific research on creativity and innovation.

I’m always receptive to suggestions…what’s missing?  What would you like to see more of?

Why a blog about creativity and innovation?

I’m a scientist who studies creativity. I wrote the 2007 book GROUP GENIUS because I wanted every reader to have the benefits of this exciting new research. But this blog won’t be only about scientific research. I’ve played jazz piano for almost 30 years; I played two years with a Grateful Dead cover band; and I performed for a couple of years with Chicago improv theater groups. My first job out of college, I spent two years designing Atari videogames, and then I spent almost a decade consulting for major corporations on innovation and technology.

In this blog, you’ll learn about where creativity is happening, whether in business, culture, or technology. I hope that each post will be the start of a conversation, because my own research shows that the most significant creativity always emerges from interactions among people. If you’ve been in a genius group, please consider sharing your story, and reading about other’s groups, at