Sawyer Keynote at Korea Global Leaders Forum

I’m in Seoul, Korea, giving the closing talk at the 3rd annual Global Leaders Forum. They know me here because two of my books have been translated into Korean (see the cover photos below). This year’s theme: Creative Code, 6 Revolutions Change Korea! My closing keynote is “Education Revolution, Creative People Change the World.” In 2014,… Read More Sawyer Keynote at Korea Global Leaders Forum

Does Creativity Exist?

“Creativity does not actually exist at all.” –Monica Reuter I just read Monica Reuter’s new book on creativity (Palgrave, 2015). She makes the provocative argument that creativity doesn’t comes from individuals; it comes from groups, and from large networks distributed through society. Creativity is always defined by influential people in society, and its definition changes depending on… Read More Does Creativity Exist?