Creativity Advice “Greatest Hits”

You should really take a look at the free “creativity sampler” containing excerpts from some of the best-selling creativity advice books. And guess what: It’s completely legit; the publisher of all of these books (Wiley) is putting this out for free:

Here are some quick summaries of the authors and material in the sampler:

  • Josh Linkner’s Disciplined Dreaming. Linkner draws on jazz improvisation as a metaphor for innovation and collaboration.
  • Keith Sawyer’s Zig Zag. My latest book, published April 2013, maps out the 8-step creative process and contains over 100 fun exercises to enhance your creativity.
  • Shelley Carson’s Your Creative Brain. Carson draws on brain science to identify a core set of creativity “habits of mind” and also provides hands-on techniques.
  • David Burkus’s The Myths of Creativity. Challenges many of the common creativity misconceptions.
  • Ken Robinson’s Out Of Our Minds. Sir Ken’s TedX talk continues to be the most watched of all TedX talks. This book, published even before he was invited to TedX, describes how to transform schools to foster greater creativity.

Where else can you find so much free creativity advice, from five leading experts? Of course, we all hope you’ll read this and then want to buy the books 🙂

One thought on “Creativity Advice “Greatest Hits”

  1. After looking into some of the texts mentioned in this article (beyond yours and Out of Our Minds – already on my shelf), I see the relevance (and brilliance) of the title of your book, Zig Zag. This seems to be the inevitable path that happens as one searches for some kind of enlightenment, especially in the creative realm.

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