Educating for Creative Minds

I just returned from San Francisco, where I gave a keynote at the “Learning & the Brain” conference. In my talk, “Creative Teaching for the 21st Century,” I described the learning outcomes students need to become creative, and I identified the central features of learning environments that foster creative learning. The very receptive audience included over 1,500 dedicated educators–teachers, school leaders, education entrepreneurs.

I really enjoyed spending time with my creativity research colleagues. I chatted with other creativity experts on the program, including:

  • Ronald Beghetto, professor at University of Oregon and co-editor of Nurturing Creativity in the Classroom
  • Shelley Carson, author of Your Creative Brain
  • Charles Fadel, author of 21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our Times
  • James Kaufman, professor at Cal State San Bernardino, and author of Creativity 101
  • Tina Seelig, Executive Director of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program and author of inGenius: A Crash Course on Creativity

There were several other colleagues in San Francisco that I wanted to meet, but I just couldn’t find them among the 1,500 people: Nancy Andreasen, Mark Beeman, John Seely Brown, Scott Barry Kaufman, John Kounios, Dean Keith Simonton, and many others. The conference organizers did a great job of bringing together the top people working on creativity and learning.

Thank you to all of the educators who came up to me after my talk, to tell me about their own efforts to redesign schools to foster greater creativity. You are pointing the way toward the future!

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