6 thoughts on “Do You Use Creativity Tests?

  1. Well i think that apart from the validity issue of creativity tests there are also isues of proper assessment. Please see my recent papers about the use of a relative new category of Item Response Theory models , namely unfolding or ideal IRT models for the assessment of creativity and emotional intelligence:1. Unfolding the measurement of the creative personality, The Journal of Creative Behavior, 44, 2, 105-123.

    1. Thank you! Yes, Professor Cramond made the point to me in an email, that it’s essential to implement the assessment properly (the setting and instructions have to be standardized, for example). I don’t know about Item Response Theory, but I will take a look.

  2. Thanks for your post, it is quite timely. I am co-facilitating a workshop next month on assessing creativity as part of a small conference on teaching, creativity and neuroscience: http://www.southeasternbrainconference.org. I look forward to learning more about this fascinating and elusive topic.

    I have taken the TTCT and studied a little about it, though I am not overly impressed, like any measurement, it is how you handle the results, and nudge people to their creative potential that matters. I prefer the profile tests that have greater reliability and validity such as the KAI and Foursight instruments. Knowing what your creative propensities are and how they fit into a larger, collaborative world is what is important.

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