Creative Collaboration in Brisbane, Australia

This week I’m in Brisbane, Australia, visiting the School of Music at the University of Queensland. I’m giving a series of talks related to music education, performance, and creativity. Here are a couple of links:

Piano Collaboration Workshop: A local piano duo will perform Thursday afternoon, followed by an open discussion about music performance and collaboration.

The Creative Power of Collaboration: An open public lecture Tuesday night.

Brisbane is a beautiful city, the third largest in Australia and farther North than the larger cities of Sydney and Melbourne, which means it’s much warmer, a subtropical climate. Even though it’s July 25, the dead of winter, the daily highs are around 70F (about 21C) and there are tropical flowers in bloom and exotic birds in the parks. The beaches of the Gold Coast are a short drive away, and the Great Barrier Reef is just to the North.

4 thoughts on “Creative Collaboration in Brisbane, Australia

  1. Keith,
    You’re in my home town. I am here in Evanston doing the Creative Thinking in Music course at Northwestern with Peter Webster (4 summers Masters Music Ed). Winter is the best time in Brisbane, unless the westerlies blow! Mention my name around Brisbane – someone might remember me. By the way, I am enjoying your book.
    Gerard Dutton (Brisbane flute player – went to the Con)

    1. Wow, amazing coincidence! I was just in Northwestern at Peter Webster’s invitation a few weeks ago. He knows my host here, Professor Margaret Barrett, very well.

      At lunch today I learned that “the Con” is short for the Conservatory.

      It is overcast and with a bit of rain, which I’m told is very unusual for winter, which is also referred to as “the dry season.” Nonetheless it is a wonderful city!

  2. I was introduced to your writings via Peter Webster at Lebanon Valley College last July (2011) where Dr. Webster taught the same Creative Thinking in Music class mentioned in the earlier comment. I was intrigued by the Explaining Creativity book. Subsequently, I purchased a Kindle and an audio-book version of Group Genius and subscribed to this blog. This creative-innovative-collaborative pathway took me to the South by Southwest website and the interview with Heather Staker, Nicole Lazzaro, and Scott Stropkay. I am now looking for research on disruptive (Clay Christensen) education and its effects on the music classroom. Is there any way to get recordings of the recitals and lectures from this week in Brisbane, Australia?

    1. Sorry, none of my lectures are being recorded. But if you go on YouTube and search “Keith Sawyer” you’ll find a few videos of various talks.

      I assume you already know about Christensen’s book Disrupting Class. I don’t know of any research on the topic that is specific to music education.

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