Help Me Name My Next Book!

I’m really excited about a new book I just finished. It’s a self-help book with the goal of showing everyone how to be more creative. Here’s how the book proposal describes it:

A major new work of nonfiction that will provide a science-backed step-by-step method to maximize our creative potential in any sphere of life—in the workplace, at home, in the arts, in volunteer organizations, or in our relationships and communities.

Here’s the basic idea. Based on scientific studies of creativity, I identified eight steps to the creative process. For each step, I invented about 20 hands-on techniques: fun activities and exercises that will enhance your ability to get through that step successfully. In its overall structure and style, it’s something like the classic books Thinkertoys and Whack On The Side of the Head, but with updated techniques based in research.

My problem now is: I can’t think of a good title, so I need your help! I’ve listed the best of the many that my editor and I have come up with, and please vote for one of these, or provide one or more of your own. If you suggest a new title that we select, of course I will acknowledge you in the book!

A selected few of the many ideas we’ve come up with:

  • Creatopia
  • The Creative Life
  • The Creativity Discipline
  • The Creativity Cycle
  • Choosing Creativity
  • Zig Zag: The surprising path to greater creativity
  • Zoom: Creativity at the speed of light
  • Creatology: The science of successful creativity
  • Kaleidoscope: The eight facets of creativity

32 thoughts on “Help Me Name My Next Book!

  1. Hey Keith,

    Zig Zag caught my attention…I was interviewing a person about creativity, and he explained it to me this way. “I’m sort of a rebel. I zig, while other people zag.”

    His comment is a comparison to the proverbial ‘think out side the box.’ I *love* that.

    So, I like the Zig Zag title…he wasn’t putting down the ‘zag’-gers – just making a point of difference.


  2. Hi Keith, here some sugestions…
    Creactivities for a better life.
    Creativity. How improve day by day.
    Easy&Fun. The serious way of creativity.
    Easy&Fun. How to be seriously creative.
    Creativity: 8 days a week!

    Good luck!
    Guingo Sylwan

    1. Thank you! I expected some convergence: “Creactivity” is on our extended list. Also a lot of titles with “eight” in them, but not “Eight days a week” which is good! Here are some others on our extended list:

      The eight slices of the orange
      The eight stations of the way
      The eight notes of creativity
      The eight songs of creativity
      Creativity in eight movements
      Eight tracks of rocking creativity advice
      Juggling eight balls
      The eight ring circus

      And then, titles with “octo” in them like “Octavity” or “The Octagon”

  3. I like “Choosing Creativity.” It’s the one that suggests human activity to me. It speaks to people about taking action, where the others say something about creativity or the method.

    That said…congratulations Keith! Very exciting. I look forward to reading and sharing it with others!

  4. Hmm…fascin-8-ing stuff 🙂

    Not 2 L8 am I?

    Perhaps just the simple number 8 on it’s side…Infinite interpretations obviously.

    An eight ball even?

    Cre8 or cre-eight perhaps?

    For something more casual how about along the lines of “stepping out” or “best foot forward”.

    Liked the creactivity & tology by the way.

    U8 seen nothing yet b b b baby!

    Have fun 😀

  5. Here are a few :
    Creativity design
    Create !
    Just create !
    Play and Create
    Everyday creativity
    Little games to great creativity
    Colors of creativity
    Creativity in practise /
    creativity training
    Creativity stairs : the eight steps to innovation
    Creativity and ideation
    Eight ways to ideation
    8 balls for your creativity pool

    I look forward to reading this new book….

  6. Hurray for you, Keith! So proud of you. I too like Zig Zag. Or how about:
    Creativity unsuspected: Unleashing Your Birthright
    Creativity Blooms: Nourish the garden of your abilities

  7. Be Creative!

    I also see a book cover with a Magic Eight Ball with the little clue emerging from the fluid saying, “Be Creative!”

    I look forward to reading this book very much, regardless of the title you choose.

  8. I think Creatology is great – you should stick to that. I would rather think how to change a second part of the title. You have “The science of successful creativity”
    my play with words(I borrow some ideas from other comments):

    the science of creativity training
    the science of enhanced creativity
    the science of enhanced creativity training
    enhanced creativity training manual
    creativity manual
    Creativity Discipline
    the science of a creative mind (I like this one)
    the science of creation

  9. What might be all the subtitles you could use?

    8 scientifically proven ways to be more creative.
    The 8 habits of highly creative people.
    8 steps to a more creative life.
    The 8 traits everyone needs.
    How to lead a more creative life.
    8 easy steps to unleash your creative powers.

  10. Would love, love, love to use your book for a creativity class I am teaching this coming fall. Its scientific (anti-fluff) basis is very appealing. Might you like to have some beta testers….?

    Which ever title you select, I think it should include the word science or scientific.

  11. My suggestion – Stay Creative, Stay Alive: Make Your Own Creatopia.

    1 It’s an imperative with an optimistic tone, directed at individual readers and browsers who want to improve their lives.
    2. The self-help aspect is immediately visible.
    3. The subtitle introduces the term Creatopia which, I’m guessing, is developed in the book. It’s a subtitle because readers are probably not familiar with the term yet and might not remember it when recommending it to others.
    4. A quick scan didn’t turn up another book with a similar title.
    5. It allows for sequels, perhaps tied to your earlier books as well (for example – Expand Your Creatopia: Group Genius Revisited).

    Like others, I’m looking forward to reading the book!

  12. I like Zig Zag because it is a catchy title that people will remember.
    Maybe some other extensions to the zig zag
    Zig Zag: Exploring creativity in eight steps

  13. My development editor just suggested these titles:

    Creativity’s Eight Steps
    The Creativity Formula
    Tapping Your Creativity
    The Blueprint for Creativity
    The Creativity Pattern
    The Creativity Mosaic
    Sequencing Creativity
    The Creativity Sequence: Eight Steps That Crack the Code to Any Problem

  14. Creativity^2

    (read: creativity squared)… shorthand for “creating creativity,” which is what you’re trying to do, right?

  15. Greetings Keith,
    Your work really inspires me. I can’t wait to read your new book. I like: Kaleidoscope: The eight facets of creativity because it sounds accessible… but I wonder if you have considered using ‘Create’ in the verb form rather than using the noun ‘Creativity’ in your title.

  16. -creative nonfiction
    -the life hacker’s guide to creativity
    -brain hacker
    -weird science: creativity hacks
    -creativity hacks
    -creativity playbook
    -creativity handbook
    -creativity cookbook
    -your genius

    +1 creatology
    +1 creatopia

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