Creativity World Forum, Day 2

The speakers today were just as awesome as the first day. The morning began with Scott Belsky, who gave an excellent keynote talk based on his book Making Ideas Happen. His book and his company,, help creative professionals to realize their ideas. My spot on the first day, the after-lunch keynote, was today filled by Garr Reynolds, one of the most famous critics of Powerpoint presentations in his book Presentation Zen. I got real value out of his presentation, and was scribbling notes about how I could improve my own keynote talks! I followed Garr to the 90-minute workshop that he did afterwards, for 50 lucky people (another 20 or so stood outside the entrance listening).

I heard some wonderful 20-minute talks (basically, the TEDx length) from Pattie Maes of the MIT Media Lab, and Hannah McBain formerly an innovation and change consultant for the BBC. (On the first day, I liked the 20 minute talks by Peter Hinssen and Alexander Osterwalder.)

And of course, Day 2 ended with an on-stage interview with the famous movie writer and director Oliver Stone. I must admit I was a bit skeptical about what he could add to such a high-level conversation about creativity, but he was really quite impressive and his comments and anecdotes were on target, relevant for the audience, and completely consistent with what the other speakers had been saying about the nature of creativity.

Kudos to the organizers at Flanders DC for organizing such a wonderful event!

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