Creativity, Imagination + Innovation

Today I was a participant in a fascinating symposium at Teachers College in New York City: the “Creativity, Imagination + Innovation Symposium.” Professors Margaret Crocco and Lori Custadero organized a very creative event, which opened on Thursday evening with a performance by the Nuyorican Poets’ Cafe, and ended tonight with a jazz quartet.

Today’s events included a morning seminar where I spoke about creativity and education, and an afternoon talk by Steven Johnson, author of Where Good Ideas Come From (which I endorse because it makes a very similar argument to my 2007 book Group Genius; Johnson even reprises my story about Charles Darwin and the origin of the theory of evolution).

I hope that this is just the beginning of a new initiative at Teachers College (and at Columbia University) to make creativity a more central part of university life.

2 thoughts on “Creativity, Imagination + Innovation

  1. The formal and informal parts of the conference certainly helped me integrate and deepen my conceptual understanding of the field(s) and as you mentioned in your panel discussion, highlighted the importance of facilitating knowledge transfer across disciplines. It was exhilarating to interact with artists, musicians, educators, psychologists, anthropologists, technologists, writers, eight-year old and ninety year-old thinkers and artists. Given your advocacy for collaborative knowledge building, I’m curious about what you learned from the experience?

    1. The best thing about the conference for me was meeting other scholars working on these same topics. Creativity researchers don’t get together very often; there isn’t even an annual conference on the topic!

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