Fast Company: 50 Most Innovative Companies

Fast Company magazine’s annual innovation ranking has been published in the March 2011 issue. I like their rankings, even though they don’t use a quantitative methodology to derive the rankings. (Perhaps because BCG already does that for Business Week magazine). Instead, the editorial staff of the magazine collectively chooses the top 50 every year, making… Read More Fast Company: 50 Most Innovative Companies

Left Hand Activity Increases Associative Performance

I have always been a skeptic of the claim that creativity is located in the right brain. This claim originated in the early 1970s, after neuroscientist Roger Sperry discovered that surgically severing the connection between the two brain hemispheres could cure extreme cases of epilepsy. The procedure, called a commisurotomy, indeed cured the epilepsy. The… Read More Left Hand Activity Increases Associative Performance

Groups Effectively Diagnose Alzheimer’s

I love this new study* from my Washington University colleague, political science professor Matthew Gabel. He studied whether groups could do a better job of diagnosing Alzheimer’s than solitary experts. Alzheimer’s is difficult to diagnose, because there is no clear and unambiguous biomarker, like a blood test. Usually, the physician makes a subjective diagnosis, after… Read More Groups Effectively Diagnose Alzheimer’s