Group Consequences of Individual Strategies

I recently received this fascinating summary of an upcoming lecture* by Robert Goldstone of Indiana University: Just as ants interact to form elaborate colonies and neurons interact to create structured thought, groups of people interact to create emergent organizations that the individuals may not understand or even perceive. To study the emergence of group behavior… Read More Group Consequences of Individual Strategies

The 50 Most Innovative Companies?

FastCompany magazine has just published its annual list of the 50 most innovative companies. Here are the top ten: 1.  Facebook 2 (three-way tie). Amazon, Apple, Google 5. Huawei Technologies (world’s #2 telecom equipment provider) 6. First Solar (largest solar supplier in the U.S.) 7. PG&E (California-based utility) 8. Novartis (Swiss pharma giant) 9. Walmart… Read More The 50 Most Innovative Companies?