Collaboration at Cisco

I enjoyed the interview with John T. Chambers, CEO of Cisco, in Sunday’s New York Times (Business section page 2, by Adam Bryant).

When Bryant asked “How has your leadership style evolved over time?” Chambers said this:

I’m a command-and-control person. I like being able to say turn right, and we truly have 67,000 people turn right. But that’s the style of the past. Today’s world requires a different leadership style–more collaboration and teamwork, including using Web 2.0 technologies.

And the final answer echoed this theme too: When asked “What’s changed in the last few years?” Chambers responded:

Big time, the importance of collaboration. Big time, people who have teamwork skills, and their use of technology. If they’re not collaborative, if they aren’t naturally inclined toward collaboration and teamwork…they’re probably not going to fit in here.

2 thoughts on “Collaboration at Cisco

  1. Keith
    Cisco has the opportunity to be the global leader in collaboration – IF it provides not only the
    1. Tech tools (Telepresence to webinar for work, home & social life) AND also…

    2. Demonstrates and shares the collaborative behaviors that enable people to leverage and maximize use of the great Cisco tools, and…

    3. The metrics to measure the improved collaborative performance that results from such a high tech/high touch offering in this Connected Age

    1. I agree completely! I think Cisco is farther along with tech tools than most companies. Getting Telepresence to work well is hard, I’m not sure anyone has solved that problem successfully. And getting the metrics right is another unsolved problem. Do you have any suggestions for that?

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