Harnessing the Wisdom of Crowds

We’ve heard a lot about collective intelligence, Web 2.0.  Internet-based examples abound: Wikipedia, Google, Threadless.  Thomas Malone and colleagues have written a new article proposing an analytic framework to help us think about these networks, what they call the “building blocks” or “genes” of collective intelligence.  Of course, I wanted to see how their framework… Read More Harnessing the Wisdom of Crowds

Innovation at Google

Google has a famous strategy for innovation: Give each engineer one day every week to work on blue-sky, big potential ideas of their own choosing, and only require them to work on their “official” assigned project four days each week.  When I describe this to executives, I often get this question: “Why wouldn’t the engineer… Read More Innovation at Google

Teaching Creativity

I just returned from a visit to The Teaching Company.  You may have seen their ads in the Wall Street Journal or any number of other publications; they develop and sell videotape and audiotape courses by the U.S.’s best professors.  I was honored to be invited there to do what they call an “audition lecture”… Read More Teaching Creativity