Second Anniversary: Two Years of Creativity Blogs

Just over two years ago today, I started this blog.  It seems like yesterday!  And now, here we are with 78 posts, 258 comments, and upwards of 3,000 hits each month.

I’ve enjoyed it and plan to keep going strong! My goal remains the same as two years ago: to bring to your attention new research and ideas that you are unlikely to find elsewhere, and always with a solid grounding in scientific research on creativity and innovation.

I’m always receptive to suggestions…what’s missing?  What would you like to see more of?

4 thoughts on “Second Anniversary: Two Years of Creativity Blogs

  1. Keith, congratulations. Blogging is quite an experience, and I admire those that do it in a sustained way. In terms of areas of interest, one of the intriguing issues on my mind these days is about what motivates people to innovate. I have seen some behaviors in my corporate environment that make me believe there is a lot of variation on this. It raises lots of questions such as: does performance at innovation vary with reason or degree of motivation? What else is correlated with motivation? Do people use different innovation tools or resources depending on how motivated they are? Aside from that, I recommend you stay on track with your current themes – it is very enlightening.

  2. Free associating from your question, I’d go in two directions. One is to talk about those folks who are “intrinsically motivated”–they love their job, they love going to work, they work creatively because that gets them into a flow state. They do it even if it causes some friction or even makes management a little unhappy with them. But a company shouldn’t count on those rare folks; I think what a company really needs is to get the formal (and informal) incentive systems in place so that creators are actually rewarded for innovating. The informal incentives are often associated with corporate culture, and it’s not easy to get it right; it takes a huge commitment from the senior leadership and sustained effort.

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