Happy New Year!

Group Genius has been chosen as the 2008 Direction for the Creative Leadership Forum, a group of 3000 senior executives based throughout Asia Pacific and Australia.  Check it out at They have a partnership with the innovation-focused magazine Fast Thinking, with a subscribed database of 50,000 globally.  You can learn more about Fast Thinking at

On December 20th, I did a live one-hour interview with Deb Hobson, host of KOPN’s show “A Chautauqua”.  Our conversation ranged widely, from stories in my book, to my blog postings here and on the Huffington Post.  You can listen to it here:

4 thoughts on “GROUP GENIUS in 2008

  1. Hi Kieth – Group Genius is a breakthrough book, because it really makes the case for collaborative conversations within organizations. I have developed a method of using improvisational games to teach collaborative communication skills, and will use Group Genius as a reference.

    Group Genius is important in another way. The extreme of individualism is domination for emperial control. People who operate in what Riane Eisler calls domination/control mode seek personal advantage at the expense of others and the community. In contrast, a healthy society uses partnership/respect relating, where the good of the whole is taken into account. There is reason to think that for a society – or indeed our global civilisation – to become ecologically sustainable we must evolve so that partnership relating sets the tone. The continuation of dominator mode will destroy us. David Korten calls this the shift from Empire to Earth Community. I see the collaborative trend you are reporting, plus your comments about changing patent laws to support innovation, as part of our evolution to partnership values.

    Well done!

    Andrew Gaines

  2. Your comment is particularly relevant, coming as it does on the very first day of the Davos World Economic Forum in Switzerland. The theme of this year’s Forum is “The power of collaborative innovation.” Clearly, as you say, the collaborative trend is spreading even to the highest levels.

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